The package can be installed with pip, conda, or from source, and supports Python >= 3.7. All alternatives are available on Windows, macOS and Linux.

In order to avoid potential conflicts with other system Python packages, it is strongly recommended to use a virtual environment, such as venv or conda environments.

With pip#

Installing all of PyEBSDIndex’ functionalities with pip:

pip install pyebsdindex[all]

To install only the strictly required rependencies and limited functionalities, use:

pip install pyebsdindex

See the following list of selectors to select the installation of optional dependencies required for specific functionality:

  • gpu - GPU support from pyopencl. Please refer to the pyopencl installation documentation in case installation fails.

  • parallel - Parallel indexing from ray[default].

  • all - Install the dependencies in the above selectors.

  • doc - Dependencies to build the documentation.

  • tests - Dependencies to run tests.

  • dev - Install dependencies in the above selectors.

With conda#

GPU support is included when installing from Anaconda. On Linux or Windows:

conda install pyebsdindex -c conda-forge

On macOS (without ray[default], which has to be installed separately):

conda install pyebsdindex-base -c conda-forge

From source#

Installing the package from source with optional dependencies for running tests:

git clone
cd PyEBSDIndex
pip install -e .[tests]

Also, if you want to run the example Jupyter notebooks in the documentation, you will need to install jupyterlab:

pip install jupyterlab


conda install jupyterlab

Additional installation notes#


The latest versions of pyopencl installed from Anaconda do not automatically include linking to the MacOS OpenCL framework. If using a conda environment, it may be necessary to install:

conda install -c conda-forge ocl_icd_wrapper_apple

Apple in recent installs has switched to zsh as the default shell. It should be noted that zsh sees \[...\] as a pattern. Thus commands like:

pip install pyebsdindex[gpu]

will return an error "zsh: no matches found: [gpu]". The solution is to put the command within '...' such as:

pip install 'pyebsdindex[gpu]'

MacOS with Apple Silicon#

The ray package used for distributed multi-processing only experimentally supports Apple’s ARM64 architecture. More info is available here. In brief, to run on Apple ARM64, PyEBSDIndex should be installed in a conda environment. Assuming that ray has already been installed (perhaps as a dependency) and one has activated the conda environment in the terminal, run the commands below (the first two commands are to guarantee that grpcio is fully removed, they may send a message that the packages are not installed):

pip uninstall ray
pip uninstall grpcio
conda install -c conda-forge grpcio
pip install 'ray[default]'