PyEBSDIndex 0.2.dev1 documentation#

Python based tool for Radon based EBSD orientation indexing.

The pattern processing is based on a GPU pipeline, and is based on the work of S. I. Wright and B. L. Adams. Metallurgical Transactions A-Physical Metallurgy and Materials Science, 23(3):759–767, 1992, and N. C. Krieger Lassen. Automated Determination of Crystal Orientations from Electron Backscattering Patterns. PhD thesis, The Technical University of Denmark, 1994.

The band indexing is achieved through triplet voting using the methods outlined by A. Morawiec. Acta Crystallographica Section A Foundations and Advances, 76(6):719–734, 2020.

Additionally NLPAR pattern processing is included (original distribution NLPAR); P. T. Brewick, S. I. Wright, and D. J. Rowenhorst. Ultramicroscopy, 200:50–61, May 2019.).


PyEBSDIndex can be installed with pip or conda:

pip install pyebsdindex[all]
conda install pyebsdindex -c conda-forge

Further details are available in the installation guide.

Learning resources#


In-depth guides for using PyEBSDIndex.

API reference

Descriptions of functions, modules, and objects in PyEBSDIndex.


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